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The philippine legacy
The standards of Lisbon
Ordenações Filipinas
Philippine Ordinations

According to the principle that had been established, for the first time, in the Ordinances published in 1521, the year of the death of King Manuel I, the Philippine Ordinances established that “all of the weights, measures, varas and covados will be of the size of those of the City of Lisbon, and neither larger nor smaller: and the Inspector will take with him the Standards of all weights and measures, which will be paid for by our Chancellery, which will also pay for the beast to carry them; and twice a year, once in January and once in July, in the place where we will be, he will assess and calibrate all those weights and measures that belong to people, whose job, require they have weights and measures, for buying or selling, in court or in the place they are (…)

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