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The philippine legacy
Weights and measures in the Philippine dynasty

Standard volume of one quartilho of Filipe I

The weights and measures of the Philippine dynasty were established in national legislation, namely as proclaimed by King Manuel I and King Sebastião, and the standards were identified with the Coat of Arms of Portugal and the king’s name.

The fact that the monarch reigned over both Portugal and Spain did not alter what had been done toward attempting to standardize the weights and measures and guarantee the distribution of the standards that allowed for a more efficient metrological control.

Philippine Ordinations

Fulfilling what he had promised his Portuguese subjects, Filipe I kept in force the Laws of Portugal, compiled in the Ordinances of the Kingdom. As after the Ordinances of King Manuel I had come out new laws, Filipe I ordered the printing of a new compilation, which came to be known as Philippine Ordinances.

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