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The Manueline reform
Some details of the standard
Insígnias da Confraria The standard consists of 16 weights. The heaviest one is a cone-shaped box, with a lid and a tri-lobed handle and two armillary spheres on the hinges. It has two horizontal friezes containing inscriptions, one near the rim and the other near the base; there are 2 inscriptions between the friezes, on stripes, one on each side. The lock is shaped like a dog. Armas de Portugal On the top cover are visible 2 shields with the Coat of Arms of Portugal and 2 insignias of the Brotherhood of St. Eloy.

Inscriptions on the friezes:

Upper frieze:
(King Manuel the first of Portugal, the highest and excelent King)

Lower frieze:
(Had me done in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ of 1499)

Inscriptions on the stripes:
(This standard was fixed in Lisbon)

“NO ANNO DE 1770”
(In the year of 1770)

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