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The Manueline reform
Certificado de Calibração do Padrão da Confraria de Santo Eloy
Excerto do Certificado de Calibração do Padrão Manuelino de Santo Eloy

Excerpt of the Calibration Certificate of The Standard of the Brotherhood of St. Eloy

The Manueline standard of the Brotherhood of St. Eloy was calibrated by the IPQ in 2004, and it was found that the mass of the complete set (4 arrobas, or one quintal) was 58.7547 kg.

The smallest piece, the escrópulo, would not have been part of the original set, as it is made of a different alloy and, although it had a shape different from the others, the two lightest pieces would have been, in accordance with the Manueline Ordinances, a meia oitava (half-octave). Therefore, it is presumed that this piece will have been added in a later phase, replacing another that may have been lost.

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