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The measures of King Sebastião
The standards of measures for Dry Products in exhibition
Standard of selamim of King Sebastião Standard of Standard f quarta (quarter) of King Sebastião Standard of meio alqueire (half a bushel) of King Sebastião Standard of alqueire (Bushel) O King Sebastião
Standards of volume measures for dry products of King Sebastião

In this display case we can see 5 volume standards for dry products of King Sebastião, made in bronze.

The biggest standard is an alqueire (bushel), the base unit of the system. We also see a meio alqueire (half bushel), a quarta (fourth), an oitava (octave) and a selamim (or salamim). They all present, on one side, the royal coat of arms and, on the other side, the sovereign’s name: “SEBASTIANVS”.

In the bushel, you can still see, near the edge, the “ship of Lisbon”.

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