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The standards of King Sebastião
Use of leveller mandatory in mesasuring dry products
alqueire with leveller
Standard of an alqueire of King Sebastião, with a leveller

The measurement of liquids was easy, as it was only necessary to fill the recipient. In the case of solids, there were several different ways of measuring that inevitably led to different results.

The king decided to standardize the measure of solids. To this end, in accordance with the Law of Almerim, the measurement of solids had to be done using a leveller, in order to ensure trustworthiness and rigor.

(…)and all will be levelled, and with the rasoura be measured, because I’m told that measuring with the rasoura, the result is more correct, with less error, than that of the “cogulo” (…)

padrões de medidas de sólidos e rasoura

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