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The Balance of the Brotherwood of St. Eloy
Balança da Confraria de Santo Eloy
The Balance of the Brotherwood of St. Eloy

The calibration balance of the Brotherhood of St. Eloy has a wooden column with a quadrangular section, bearing a plaque showing a few inscriptions. The 2 pans were initially suspended by strings made of green twisted silk. It sits inside a wooden cabinet with diamond-patterned glass doors. The cabinet measures are 1.60 x 0.66 x 2.90 m and it has 3 iron locks. The section below has doors where the weights are kept.

The balance was described in the inventory of January 5, 1788: “One arm of the large balance bearing a label inscribed with silver letters, brass pans and green silk strings, and with two rests made of Pau-Brazil with its golden-brass rings that are for putting under the pans.

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