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The Brotherwood of St. Eloy
Details of the Balance of the Brotherwood

Balança of the Brotherwod of St. Eloy

The balance comprises a beam with two arms with a sculpted fish at each end. It has two plaques: one oval brass plaque nailed to the wood that indicates the manufacturer and repairs, and the other, round with a drawing of the sun.

Detail of the balance: a carved fish

The suspension of the pans is now made of metal. The scale is set to oscillate by the usual system of the day – a cord with tassels that serve as brakes.

Detail of the balance: the sun

The range of the balance must have been 1 quintal, or 4 arrobas, and its sensitivity goes from 0.49 g for a load of 1 ounce to 1.66 g for a load of 1 arroba.

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