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The reforms of King João VI
The volume measures

Padrão de almude da reforma de D. João VI

Regarding volume, for the first time, the measures for solids (dry measures) and liquids are the same, as they use the names of old measures, even though the relation between the new measure and the old one of the same name are far from allowing one to draw any correspondence between them.

Padrão de canada da reforma de D. João VI

Multiples of the canada:

    • Alqueire = 10 canadas;
    • Fanga = 100 canadas;
    • Tonel = 1000 canadas.

Padrão de um centésimo de canada da reforma de D. João VI

Submultiples of the canada:

  • Décimo = 0,1 canada;
  • Centésimo = 0,01 canada.
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