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The reforms of King João VI
Standards of volume and length

Standard of canada of the reform of King João VI

In this display case we can see standards of volume and length of the reform of King João VI.

Regarding the volume, we have 9 measures, from 1/100 of a “canada” (1 cl) to 1 “alqueire” (10 l), including the main unit, “canada” (corresponding to 1 l) and a caliper for cylindrical measures, which served to check the diameter of measurements.

Vara and mão travessa of the reform of King João VI

In terms of length, we have the “mão travessa” (1 dc), which was the main unit, and the “vara” (1 m).

Caliper for cylindrical measures of the reform of King João VI

All units, multiples and submultiples had names of old Portuguese measures, but corresponded to measures of the Decimal Metric System.

These standards were produced at the “Arsenal do Exército” around 1818-19, when João VI was still Prince Regent and the court was in Rio de Janeiro.

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