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The Cologne mark
Provisão de 1488 de D. João II
Ordinance of October 14, 1488
Excerpt of the transcription of the Ordinance of October 14, 1488

“Judges, Councilmen, Prosecutor, and Good Men. We, the King, greet you. We let it be known that, realizing it is for the common good of our citizens, as fair choices now determined by the counsel, and in accordance with some cities and main villages, that the weight and mark of Tria [Troyes] used for weighing gold and silver and other things, made of iron, shall not be held or used by any officer or any other person, for weighting any products, but, instead, they must use the weight and mark of Cologne, thus we order, that you shall so announce publicly…”

Translated from “Tratado das Moedas”, Teixeira de Aragão, 1880, Imprensa Nacional.

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