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Middle Ages
Charter of Lisbon, 1214
Foral de Lisboa, 1214
Charter of Lisbon, 1214
Excerpt of the transcription of the confirmation by King Afonso II, in 1214, of the charter granted to Lisbon by King Afonso Henriques in 1179, and of the privileges granted by King Sancho I in 1204

(…) for each horse-load a tax of one “almude” be paid. (…) For each oxen yoke they will give one “modio” of corn or wheat, (…), if they farm both, they pay both by the alqueire (bushel) of the town’s measurement, which must be the “quarteiro” of fourteen bushels (…)

Whatever is cultivated by hoe gives one “taleiga” of wheat or corn, depending on what is grown (…). And for each “geira” farmed by oxen will pay one “quarteiro” of wheat or corn, depending on the crop. The Pawn will pay the eighth of wine and linen.(…)

(…) He who respects my decree will receive God’s blessings and mine. But he who violates it will be persecuted by God’s curse and mine.

Charter drawn up in Coimbra in the month of May of 1217 (Cesar’s Age).

I, the above-mentioned King D. Afonso, sign and confirm this charter that I ordered.

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