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The Brotherwood of St. Eloy
The standards of the Brotherwood

In this display case we can see a set of standards of weight consisting of:
Set of 12 standards of weight of the Brotherwood of St. Eloy

  • 2 arrobas;
  • 1 arroba;
  • 1/2 arroba;
  • 8 arráteis;
  • 4 arráteis;
  • 2 arráteis;
  • 1 arrátel;
  • 1/2 arrátel;
  • 1 quarta;
  • 2 onças;
  • 1 onça;
  • 4 oitavas.

The decoration could vary, depending on the size and weight of the standard. On the larger pieces, we often see the Coat of Arms of Portugal – a Latin shield with 7 castles on a stripe around the edge, topped by a closed royal crown and flanked by a crown of laurel, as well as an armillary sphere.

The smaller pieces, namely the eight arráteis and below, were decorated differently, as we can see: the Insignias of the Brotherhood, in another framework – divided French shield, the first section (left) being the coat of arms of Portugal and the second section (right) divided horizontally: on top, the ship, which is the symbol of the city of Lisbon and bellow, the mitre and sceptre. All this overlaid on the armillary sphere which is topped by a closed royal crown.

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